Federal Court – Acquittal – False Statement to Bank

June 2016—Mr. Mesereau traveled to The United District Court, District of New Jersey, Camden, New Jersey to defend a real estate broker indicted for conspiracy to commit wire fraud; conspiracy to commit money laundering, and aiding in the submission of a false statement to a bank. Following a five-week trial, the defendant was acquitted of one count and the jury hung on the remaining two counts. The client suffered no conviction. Mr. Mesereau did the opening statement and closing argument. He also cross-examined numerous government witnesses and put his client on the witness stand to testify. This was Mr. Mesereau’s fourth straight jury trial victory in a white collar criminal case in federal court. (United States v. Diantonio and Catarro, Criminal No. 13-074 [RMB]).  The other defendant (not Mr. Mesereau’s client) was convicted.

Postscript: The Government agreed to dismiss the two hung felony counts in return for a misdemeanor and no jail time. No restitution was required.

Client Comment on Mr. Mesereau’s Performance:

“Four separate defense attorneys each instructed me to plead to multiple
charges I did not commit. Their angle was to use fear with the threat that
I would not see my new born son grow up and to simply accept the fact that
I was just a target with absolutely no hope in my case. So I prayed &
trusted wholeheartedly in the Lord which inevitably delivered me “Hope”.
Thomas Mesereau Jr. was the Hope God gave to me. Mr. Mesereau is a man of unparalleled intelligence within the field of litigation. His innate mannerisms during my case where extremely captivating. He was persuasive while detailing the facts of our defense as well as aggressive when encountering the material presented by the prosecution. Though the tension in the courtroom was thick, he maintained a cool almost passive air to his disposition. The entire courtroom gravitates towards his energy when he speaks. He is mesmerizing. His strong voice and calm demeanor cuts precisely through the prosecutor’s case and their witnesses like a sharp sword.

My observation is that Tom expresses every thought, idea, punctuation,
word, and phrase from his heart. Tom emotionally connects with both the witnesses and jurors all while instinctively knowing the angles to navigate accordingly. Tom’s cross-examining skills are of the best in the world as he crossed over 30 witnesses in my case. Tom understands how and when not to cross witnesses as to the benefit of the defense. Tom is always completely prepared and nothing is rehearsed or memorized as he does not practice conventional trial lawyer tactics. His experience, knowledge and genuine personable character is unsurpassed.
If your current lawyer does not believe he can win then he never will. Tom believed he could win my case from Day 1 . My previous attorney instructed Tom to not accept my case for he would not win. I trusted in the Lord and he delivered me a Sword to fight this injustice. Thomas Mesereau Jr. was
that Sword.

Thank You Lord and Thank You Tom.
Respectfully, FD”


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