"Tom Mesereau: The Closer"



The Mesereau Effect

UC HastingsSpring 2016 Attorney Thomas Mesereau ’79 is no stranger to the limelight, having defended such famous—and infamous—stars as Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, and Suge

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Tom Mesereau: The Closer

Tom Mesereau Defends Big Names and No-Names CNN JUSTICEOctober 5, 2010 By Ann O’Neill, CNN STORY HIGHLIGHTS * Tom Mesereau won an acquittal for Michael

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The Power of Persuasion

Forum Column, Los Angeles Daily JournalJanuary 3rd, 2008 by Thomas A Mesereau Jr. Persuasion is key to any jury trial. One can meticulously prepare but communicate

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Look At Me

Forum Column, DAILY JOURNAL NEWSWIRE ARTICLE© 2007 The Daily Journal Corporation. All rights reserved.January 12, 2007 By Thomas A Mesereau Jr. High-profile cases are won

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