Federal Court – Acquittal – Wire Fraud – Bank Fraud – False Statements to Banks

Following the Babajian victory, Mr. Mesereau was hired as lead trial counsel to defend a second, high-profile mortgage fraud case in the United States District Court, Central District of California (Los Angeles).  Mr. Mesereau’s client, Jason Patterson, was a hugely successful real estate agent in Los Angeles County, California.  Mr. Patterson was indicted by a federal grand jury on 17 felony counts of wire fraud, bank fraud, and false statements to FDIC insured banks.  Again, Mr. Mesereau cross-examined every prosecution witness who participated in the fraudulent scheme.  Mr. Mesereau also cross-examined the alleged lender victims and, unlike in the Babajian case, he put his client on the witness stand to testify.  Following Mr. Mesereau’s closing argument, the jury acquitted Mr. Patterson of 16 felony counts and hung on the 17th count (8 to 4 for not-guilty).  The government promptly dismissed the hung count.  After Mr. Mesereau’s closing argument, the lead federal prosecutor called him “a hard act to follow.”  See articles:: Real Estate Agents Implicated in Long Beach Scam Acquitted and Recordings Expected in Modern Prosecutions.

Significance:  Mr. Mesereau is the only federal criminal defense lawyer to win, as lead trial counsel, three mortgage fraud victories in a row, in federal court.


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