Federal Court – Probation – Immigration Fraud

Mr. Mesereau was lead trial counsel in defense of the first federal indictment alleging the crime of knowingly accepting and receiving false immigration documents.  Mr. Mesereau’s client was the former manager of numerous medical clinics in Los Angeles, California.  She was charged with 16 counts alleging she orchestrated a scheme to hire illegal immigrants in staff positions at these clinics.  Since this was a novel prosecution, immigration lawyers throughout the United States were following courtroom activities.  Mr. Mesereau’s client was acquitted of 14 counts and received probation.

Significance:  The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service investigated this case.  They worked closely with federal prosecutors and the lead case agent was with the INS.  The INS was planning a parallel administrative proceeding against these medical clinics to collect approximately 15 million dollars.  Due to the probationary sentence and Mr. Mesereau’s effective cross-examination of the prosecution’s expert witness, the government dropped its planned administrative action.


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