State Court – Acquittal – Child Molestation

Mr. Mesereau was lead trial counsel in the defense of international pop star Michael Jackson in the most watched jury trial in history.  More accredited media from around the world covered this case than the OJ Simpson and Scott Peterson trials combined.  14 charges went to the jury (10 felonies and 4 less-included misdemeanors).  Mr. Jackson was acquitted on every count.

Since Mr. Jackson was charged with child molestation, a unique California statute permitted the prosecution to introduce evidence of “prior, similar acts” to show motivation and propensity.  This California statute is considered to be one of the strictest in the nation.  Under this statute, the prosecutors attempted to prove that Mr. Jackson had molested five other young men in uncharged conduct.  Until Mr. Jackson’s complete acquittal, no defendant facing child molestation charges had been completely exonerated when faced with this evidence.  See article:Journalist Roger Friedman’s assessment of Mr. Mesereau’s brilliant defense of Michael Jackson.


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