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Michael Jackson Sexual Assault

State Court



Joe Babajian

White-Collar Fraud Federal Court


Jason Patterson White-Collar Fraud Federal Court


Fred D’Antonio

White-Collar Fraud Federal Court



Bill Cosby

Sexual Assault

State Court



Wesley Quick  Capital Murder  State Court



Terry Bonner Capital Murder  State Court



Larry Carroll  Securities Fraud State Court



Charleston Wells


State Court



P.K. Lim

Health Care Fraud

Federal Court



Lionell Woods  Murder

State Court



Devarius Noel Murder

State Court



Plastic Surgeon Sexual Misconduct  Medical Board



Spine Surgeon Unprofessional Conduct

Medical Board



Physician, G.P. Health Care Fraud  State Court



Football Player Rape

State Court




Malaine Davis Murder

State Court



Antoine Lewis Murder

State Court



Odell Allen


State Court



Medical Director White Collar-Fraud  Federal Court




Agency Director White Collar-Theft  State Court

Charges Dismissed



Sexual Assault

State Court




Swim Instructor Sexual Assault

State Court



Truck Driver

Sexual Assault

State Court



Second to none. Federal Court. State Court. Complex White-Collar. Non-White-Collar. The results are unprecedented.




  • February, 2020 ---Jury acquits Tom Mesereau's client of murder.  Client is convicted of a lesser charge, provocation manslaughter.  Prosecutors claimed client intentionally shot alleged victim with a handgun in cold blood.


  • In His last five murder trials: Tom Mesereau has achieved the following:


  • Three were acquitted of murder;
  • One was acquitted of capital murder;
  • One jury was hung;
  • Three were convicted of lesser offenses.





  • September, 2019 ---Attorney Tom Mesereau successfully defends client charged with murder and attempted murder. Prosecuters claimed that the defendant murdered someone with a knife and attempted to murder a second person with a knife. Mr Mesereau's client receives eight weeks of anger management training and goes home.




  • May, 2018 ---Tom Mesereau obtains complete dismissal of high-profile rape charges against celebrity defendant.
  • Tom Mesereau convinces Los Angeles District Attorney not to charge former high-profile professional athlete with rape.
  • July, 2018 ---After a five and  one-half month trial in state court, all charges in high-profile white collar prosecution of public agency head are dismissed by trial judge. Tom Mesereau defended the agency director at trial. See article:  Judge dismisses charges against antipoverty leaders.
  • September, 2018 ---Law 360 profiles Attorney Tom Mesereau as legendary trial lawyer. See Article: Tom Mesereau Talks MJ, Cosby, Unconventional Choices.









  • February, 2016 ---Tom Mesereau is named “Trial Lawyer of the Year” by The National Trial Lawyers in Miami, Florida.


  • June, 2016 ---Defense Attorney Tom Mesereau wins his fourth straight federal white collar jury trial in United States District Court, Camden, New Jersey (United States v. Diantonio and Catarro). White collar jury trials in federal court have included conspiracy, money laundering, health care fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, loan fraud, false statements to banks, etc.


  • September, 2016 ---Tom Mesereau wins complete acquittal in murder trial in Birmingham, Alabama. Mesereau claims self-defense. Prosecution says victim was shot three times in the back (Alabama v. Odell Marzette Allen).



Thomas A. Mesereau is a trial lawyer who achieves remarkable success in high stakes criminal and Medical Board trials. Mesereau is dedicated to obtaining the best results for his clients. Whether it's a complex white-collar case in federal court, a homicide case in state court, or a physician facing loss of a medical license in administrative court, the client comes first.


Trials are high stakes encounters. Mesereau takes risks. Mesereau likes impossible odds. His results speak for themselves.

Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating

People of 2005

Tom Meserau bio photo

Attorney Tom Mesereau is an unconventional, unpredictable trial lawyer.  His accomplishments in the courtroom are extraordinary and unprecedented.  He wins white-collar and non-white-collar trials in federal and state courts.  For information on Mr. Mesereau's unconventional trial tactics, read the following articles by Mr. Mesereau:  "Random Thoughts on Trial Practice” American Journal of Trial Advocacy 31:1 (Summer 2007): 115-135; “Lights, Camera, Objection!”  The American Trial Lawyer Fall 2008; and “Defender Legendary for Second Sight, Sixth Sense” Los Angeles Daily Journal, December 5, 2006.

(Also read, Defending Michael, Daily Journal, July 1st, 2009.)


Mr. Mesereau is best known for acquitting the late Michael Jackson in his world famous trial in Santa Barbara, California.  Mr. Jackson was acquitted of all 14 charges in a child molestation indictment.  Mr. Mesereau, as Mr. Jackson's lead trial counsel, conducted jury selection, opening statement, closing argument, and examined and cross-examined every major witness in the five and half month trial.  But Mr. Mesereau has accomplished far more than the Michael Jackson case.


Tom Mesereau appears on the cover and is featured in the Premiere 2015 Edition of Attorney At Law Magazine. (See Article: Tom Mesereau, Attorney of the Month. The Man. The Trial Lawyer. The Speaker.)



Tom Mesereau Has Been Named “Trial Lawyer Of The Year for 2015” By The National Trial Lawyers.

(See video: Introduction of Mr. Mesereau in Miami By The National Trial Lawyers.)


Attorney Tom Mesereau is of Italian, Irish and French-American extraction. His two grandmothers, Mary Sullivan and Rose Cullen, were Irish.  Tom’s maternal grandfather, Eugene Leone, immigrated from Northern Italy after arriving at Ellis Island, New York. Known as “Gene,” he was the owner and operator of the famous “Mama Leone’s Restaurant” in Times Square, New York City. Mr. Mesereau’ s paternal grandfather, Arthur, was French-American.


Mr. Mesereau was born in West Point, New York. He was raised in New York City and Englewood, New Jersey.

He attended St. Cecilia's Grammar School; Loyola School; Bergen Catholic High School and Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. Tom Mesereau graduated with honors from Harvard University; earned a Masters of Science Degree from the London School of Economics and his law degree from The University of California's Hastings College of Law.


Prior to graduate school and law school, Mr. Mesereau served as a legislative assistant and speechwriter to a United States Congressman from New York. He then worked as a specialist on energy legislation for the Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee of The United States House of Representatives. Following graduate school and law school, Tom Mesereau was a litigation associate at a national civil litigation law firm (Hunton & Williams). He then served as Assistant to the President of a wholly owned subsidiary of the Getty Oil Company, working on legal, administrative and business matters. Tom was a state prosecutor in southern California before entering private law practice.


Tom Mesereau founded and co-manages the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic in Los Angeles. Lawyers, law students, college students and concerned citizens come together twice a month to assist the poor. A scholarship for homeless children has been named after Mr. Mesereau. Each year, Mr. Mesereau marches with the Woman of Watts and their children against gang violence.



Consider the following examples of historical milestones in Mr. Mesereau's career as a trial lawyer:

White-Collar Cases

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Mesereau once won four Federal White-Collar Criminal Jury trials in a row.


Federal Court      Acquittal      False Statement to Bank


June 2016—Mr. Mesereau traveled to The United District Court, District of New Jersey, Camden, New Jersey to defend a real estate broker indicted for conspiracy to commit wire fraud; conspiracy to commit money laundering and aiding in the submission of a false statement to a bank. Following a five week trial, the defendant was acquitted of one count and the jury hung on the remaining two counts. The client suffered no conviction. Mr. Mesereau did the opening statement and closing argument. He also cross-examined numerous government witnesses and put his client on the witness stand to testify. This was Mr. Mesereau’s fourth straight jury trial victory in a white collar criminal case in federal court. (United States v. Diantonio and Catarro, Criminal No. 13-074 [RMB]).  The other defendant (not Mr. Mesereau’s client) was convicted.


Postscript:  The Government agreed to dismiss the two hung felony counts in return for a misdemeanor and no jail time.  No restitution was required.


Client Comment on Mr. Mesereau's Performance:


“Four separate defense attorneys each instructed me to plead to multiple

charges I did not commit. Their angle was to use fear with the threat that

I would not see my new born son grow up and to simply accept the fact that

I was just a target with absolutely no hope in my case. So I prayed &

trusted wholeheartedly in the Lord which inevitably delivered me "Hope".


Thomas Mesereau Jr. was the Hope God gave to me. Mr. Mesereau is a man of

unparalleled intelligence within the field of litigation. His innate

mannerisms during my case where extremely captivating. He was persuasive

while detailing the facts of our defense as well as aggressive when

encountering the material presented by the prosecution. Though the tension

in the courtroom was thick, he maintained a cool almost passive air to his

disposition. The entire courtroom gravitates towards his energy when he

speaks. He is mesmerizing. His strong voice and calm demeanor cuts

precisely through the prosecutors case and their witnesses like a sharp



My observation is that Tom expresses every thought, idea, punctuation,

word, and phrase from his heart. Tom emotionally connects with both the

witnesses and jurors all while instinctively knowing the angles to

navigate accordingly. Tom's cross examining skills are of the best in the

world as he crossed over 30 witnesses in my case. Tom understands how and

when not to cross witnesses as to the benefit of the defense. Tom is

always completely prepared and nothing is rehearsed or memorized as he

does not practice conventional trial lawyer tactics. His experience,

knowledge and genuine personable character is unsurpassed.


If your current lawyer does not believe he can win then he never will. Tom

believed he could win my case from Day 1 . My previous attorney instructed

Tom to not accept my case for he would not win. I trusted in the Lord and

he delivered me a Sword to fight this injustice. Thomas Mesereau Jr. was

that Sword.


Thank You Lord and Thank You Tom.

Respectfully, FD”




Federal Court      Acquittal      Mortgage Fraud     Conspiracy     Bank Fraud    Loan Fraud   Money Laundering


During a national financial crisis, Mr. Mesereau was hired as lead trial counsel to defend the highest-grossing real estate agent in the country.  His client, Joe Babajian, had sold homes to many celebrities, including Beyonce, Janet Jackson, David Beckham, Nicholas Cage, Bruce Willis, Barbara Streisand, Lee Iacocca, Warren Beatty and others.  Mr. Babajian was facing 21 felony counts of conspiracy, money laundering, bank fraud, loan fraud, and mortgage fraud in the United States District Court, Central District of California (Los Angeles).  Mr. Mesereau conducted jury selection, and cross-examined every major prosecution witness, including the alleged co-conspirators, the alleged victim-lender (Lehman Brothers) and the prosecution expert on claimed financial losses by Lehman Brothers.  Following Mr. Mesereau's closing argument, the jury acquitted Mr. Babajian on 13 felony counts and hung on the remaining 8 counts.  Mr. Babajian was not convicted on a single felony count.  After the trial, the lead federal prosecutor called Mr. Mesereau the "best trial lawyer I have ever seen." See articles: Babajian Acquitted of Mortgage Fraud in Federal Court and Lawyer Who Saved Jackson in 2005 Does it Again.


Postscript: The government agreed to dismiss the eight hung felony counts in return for a misdemeanor and no jail time.


Federal Court      Acquittal      Wire Fraud     Bank Fraud    False Statements to Banks


Following the Babajian victory, Mr. Mesereau was hired as lead trial counsel to defend a second, high-profile mortgage fraud case in the United States District Court, Central District of California (Los Angeles).  Mr. Mesereau's client, Jason Patterson, was a hugely successful real estate agent in Los Angeles County, California.  Mr. Patterson was indicted by a federal grand jury on 17 felony counts of wire fraud, bank fraud, and false statements to FDIC insured banks.  Again, Mr. Mesereau cross-examined every prosecution witness who participated in the fraudulent scheme.  Mr. Mesereau also cross-examined the alleged lender victims and, unlike in the Babajian case, he put his client on the witness stand to testify.  Following Mr. Mesereau's closing argument, the jury acquitted Mr. Patterson of 16 felony counts and hung on the 17th count (8 to 4 for not-guilty).  The government promptly dismissed the hung count.  After Mr. Mesereau's closing argument, the lead federal prosecutor called him "a hard act to follow."  See articles: Real Estate Agents Implicated in Long Beach Scam Acquitted and Recordings Expected in Modern Prosecutions.


Significance:  Mr. Mesereau is the only federal criminal defense lawyer to win, as lead trial counsel, three mortgage fraud victories in a row, in federal court.

Federal Court      Dismissal      Health Care Fraud


Between the Babajian and Patterson trials, Mr. Mesereau commenced a jury trial in United States District Court, Central District (Los Angeles).  The client pharmacist was charged with multiple felony counts alleging he was a co-conspirator with a fraudulent medical clinic to illegal distribute the drug OxyContin.  The client was facing a potential life sentence.  During the third week of this jury trial, the indictment was dismissed with prejudice due to prosecutorial misconduct.  Federal prosecutors had failed to produce evidence to the defense called Brady material.  The government's lawyers had also failed to properly inform the federal judge of certain required information relating to their witnesses.  See article:  Judge Drops Indictments Against Two Pharmacists at Rare Request of Federal Prosecutors.


Significance:  It is extremely rare for a federal criminal case to be dismissed with prejudice in the middle of the trial.

Federal Court      Probation      Immigration Fraud


Mr. Mesereau was lead trial counsel in defense of the first federal indictment alleging the crime of knowingly accepting and receiving false immigration documents.  Mr. Mesereau's client was the former manager of numerous medical clinics in Los Angeles, California.  She was charged with 16 counts alleging she orchestrated a scheme to hire illegal immigrants in staff positions at these clinics.  Since this was a novel prosecution, immigration lawyers throughout the United States were following courtroom activities.  Mr. Mesereau's client was acquitted of 14 counts and received probation.


Significance:  The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service investigated this case.  They worked closely with federal prosecutors and the lead case agent was with the INS.  The INS was planning a parallel administrative proceeding against these medical clinics to collect approximately 15 million dollars.  Due to the probationary sentence and Mr. Mesereau's effective cross-examination of the prosecution's expert witness, the government dropped its planned administrative action.


State Court      Dismissal      Securities Fraud


Mr. Mesereau defended a prominent Los Angeles newscaster who was indicted by a state grand jury for numerous counts alleging securities fraud.  The state claimed the celebrity defendant had knowingly participated in a deceptive, fraudulent "high-yield" investment program in which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other international agencies were participants.  Following a twelve week jury trial in San Bernardino County, California, the presiding judge dismissed all counts "in the interest of justice" against Mr. Mesereau's client.  The defendant was completely exonerated.


Significance:  This was the first time this presiding criminal courts judge had ever dismissed a criminal case "in the interest of justice" on his own initiative.




State Court      Probation      Public Corruption


Tom Mesereau represented the former director of an anti-poverty agency in a four and half month jury trial in Alameda County Superior Court, Oakland, California.  The former agency head was charged with multiple counts alleging public corruption.  Prosecutors claimed she stole federal grant money and used it for personal gain, including steak dinners, travel, a massage, work on her personal residence, and improper salaries for her husband and herself.  Mr. Mesereau's client was also accused of sending false information to a federal agency, backdating agency documents and illegally allowing a relative and his friend to participate in agency training.   The defendant was exonerated and acquitted of every felony count alleging personal use of these funds (steaks, massages, hotel bills, travel, personal work on her residence, improper salaries, etc.).  Mr. Mesereau's client was convicted of misappropriating federal funds and backdating documents.  The client received probation and no jail time.  See article: No Prison time for Convicted Alameda County Anti-Poverty Director.


Significance:  This was the longest criminal trial in this judge's courtroom.  He described his sentence as rare and unusual.  The judge claimed he was being lenient because the defendant was acquitted of every count reflecting personal gain.


Postscript: The convictions for misappropriating federal funds were thrown out on appeal.












Medical Board     Acquittal       Unprofessional Conduct


Tom Mesereau defended a prominent spine surgeon who was charged by the California Attorney General with numerous abuses of alcohol.  This included alleged abusive conduct towards a police officer that was recorded.  Mr. Mesereau cross-examined the lead investigator detective, as well as the main accuser.  Further, Mr. Mesereau put his client on the witness stand, as well as an expert witness.  The client was acquitted on all counts.


Significance:  This trial was in an administrative court before the presiding Administrative Law Judge, who called Mr. Mesereau's performance one of the best he had seen.

Medical Board     Acquittal      Sexual Misconduct with Patients


Mr. Mesereau was retained as lead trial counsel by a prominent plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.  The California Attorney General charged this surgeon with numerous violations including claims that he exposed himself to patients.  During the trial, Mr. Mesereau cross-examined every female accuser, as well as other witnesses.  The client was acquitted of all sexual violations.  The physician/client was convicted of less serious violations and placed on probation.


Significance: If this prominent plastic surgeon had been convicted of any sexual misconduct count, he may have lost his medical license permanently. Mr. Mesereau’s cross-examination of each and every female accuser won the case.

State Court/Medical Board      Acquittal     Health Care Fraud


Tom Mesereau defended a physician who was secretly recorded by state undercover agents posing as patients.  The physician was charged by the prosecution with health care fraud.  Concurrently, the California Medical Board conducted it's own investigation.  The case was tried before a Los Angeles jury. A representative of the Medical Board attended the trial.  Mr. Mesereau's client was acquitted on all charges.  Due to the acquittal, the Medical Board terminated it's investigation.



State Court     Dismissal      Oil Spill


Mr. Mesereau defended a national oil pipeline company that was charged with criminal conduct related to an oil spill in Los Angeles County. The criminal case was filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney. A concurrent civil action was filed by the California Attorney General. Mr. Mesereau was instrumental in negotiating a resolution of both matters that resulted in a dismissal with prejudice of the criminal case.

Federal Court     Dismissal     Civil and Criminal Contempt


Thomas Mesereau defended a businessman who was facing allegations of civil and criminal contempt before the Honorable Spencer Letts, United States District Court Judge, Central District, Los Angeles, CA.  After numerous evidentiary hearings, Judge Letts dismissed the entire action.

Non-White-Collar Cases

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Mesereau once won three criminal jury trials in a row involving the death penalty.

State Court      Acquittal      Murder


May, 2017- Mr. Mesereau defended a high-profile murder case in Bessemer, Alabama. (Alabama v. Charleston Wells) The prosecution charged Mr. Wells with murdering an Iraqi war veteran while breaking and entering parked vehicles. The prosecution also claimed that Mr. Wells was a gang member. Mr. Mesereau cross examined the main accuser and put Mr. Wells on the witness stand. Mr. Wells admitted breaking and entering vehicles but denied participating in the murder. The jury acquitted Mr. Wells of homicide.  See articles: High-profile Los Angeles attorney will defend teen charged in Mike Gilotti's killing and KKK Flyers Warn ‘Klan Is Alert And Awake’ After Black Man’s Acquittal.

State Court      Acquittal      Murder


September, 2016-  Tom Mesereau travelled to Birmingham, Alabama to defend a murder case. Client was facing life in prison. The prosecution claimed the defendant shot the victim three times in the back in a revenge-type killing.  Mr. Mesereau claimed self-defense and put his client on the stand. Mr. Mesereau also cross-examined numerous witnesses, including the pathologist and police officer. Jury acquits on all counts, including murder, provocation manslaughter and reckless manslaughter.

State Court      Acquittal      Child Molestation


Mr. Mesereau was lead trial counsel in the defense of international pop star Michael Jackson in the most watched jury trial in history.  More accredited media from around the world covered this case than the OJ Simpson and Scott Peterson trials combined.  14 charges went to the jury (10 felonies and 4 less-included misdemeanors).  Mr. Jackson was acquitted on every count.


Significance:  Since Mr. Jackson was charged with child molestation, a unique California statute permitted the prosecution to introduce evidence of "prior, similar acts" to show motivation and propensity.  This California statute is considered to be one of the strictest in the nation.  Under this statute, the prosecutors attempted to prove that Mr. Jackson had molested five other young men in uncharged conduct.  Until Mr. Jackson's complete acquittal, no defendant facing child molestation charges had been completely exonerated when faced with this evidence.  See article: Journalist Roger Friedman's assessment of Mr. Mesereau's brilliant defense of Michael Jackson.



State Court      Bail      Capital Murder


Mr. Mesereau was the  lead trial counsel in the defense of actor Robert Blake's high profile murder case over the death of his wife.  Prosecutors alleged that Mr. Blake had personally shot his wife in Los Angeles, California and that he had solicited her murder from various individuals.  Mr. Blake was charged with capital murder and faced a potential death sentence under a statute in California called "murder with special circumstances."  Following a televised three week preliminary hearing, Mr. Mesereau broke legal ground by obtaining bail for Mr. Blake. No defendant had ever received bail in California in this kind of case over prosecution objection. See article: Blake’s Attorney Is Known for His Fierce, Tenacious Defense of Clients.


See video.


Significance:   Obtaining bail for Mr. Blake in a murder with special circumstances case in California was considered impossible.  Prosecutors from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office argued that bail was illegal.  Not only did Mr. Blake obtain bail, but the conspiracy count was eventually dismissed due to Mr. Mesereau's cross-examination of prosecution witnesses.  Mr. Mesereau cross-examined every prosecution witness and delivered a nationally televised closing argument. Due to Mr. Mesereau's courtroom performance, the prosecutors were replaced and public opinion nationwide shifted toward Mr. Blake.  After the preliminary hearing, the trial judge called Mr. Mesereau "the best criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles County."  This shift in public opinion was the largest turnaround Court TV had ever experienced.



State Court      Acquittal      Capital Murder


Mr. Mesereau traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to defend a controversial, high-profile death penalty case.  The defendant had spend 6 years on death row after being convicted of a brutal double homicide while being represented by another lawyer.  The defendant had previously testified when convicted.  After having his conviction reversed on a technicality, Mr. Mesereau and new local counsel agreed to defend the re-trial.  The prosecution introduced evidence that Mr. Mesereau's client had shot two innocent young men in a public park while on drugs fueled by devil worship.  Tom Mesereau's cross examination of the key prosecution witness resulted in this witness almost confessing to the murder!  Mr. Mesereau called his client to the witness stand and had him testify a  second time.  Mr. Mesereau's client was acquitted on all counts.  This acquittal caused an editorial in the Birmingham News, Alabama which criticized wrongful prosecutions and convictions.  See article: Random Justice- Death Row inmate found not guilty in third trial.


See video.


Significance:  The acquittal of Mr. Mesereau's client, Wesley Quick, is listed in the Report of the National Registry of Exonerations, a joint project of the University of Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law.


State Court      Acquittal      Capital Murder


Tom Mesereau defended a homeless black man charged with murdering a white woman from a prominent family in Birmingham, Alabama.  This was a high-profile case in which Mr. Mesereau's client faced the death penalty.  Prior to trial, Mr. Mesereau's local co-counsel received death threats.  The defendant was acquitted on all counts, resulting in a loud uproar in the courtroom. See article: Star Lawyer Deeply Committed to Deep South.


See video.


Significance:   This was the first and only criminal trial in Alabama's history in which an eyewitness identification expert was used.  Prior to trial, Mr. Mesereau had experience with this type of expert in California murder trials.  Because the witnesses against his African-American client were white-Caucasian, Mr. Mesereau argued that the difficulties of cross-racial eyewitness identification needed to be addressed by an expert.

State Court      Manslaughter      Capital Murder


In a high-profile, controversial death penalty case in Alabama, Mr. Mesereau obtained acquittals on capital murder and murder charges, resulting in his client's conviction on the lesser included charge of manslaughter. The defendant was a young mother charged with beating her infant daughter to death.  The defense continually received negative publicity throughout the state and civil suits were filed against state agencies for allowing such abuse to continue.


Significance:   This result was considered to be a stunning defeat for prosecutors.  Public opinion ran very high against the defense in this tragic case.

State Court      Plea Bargain      Conspiracy to Murder


Mr. Mesereau was hired as lead counsel in the defense of Oscar Award-winning actor Joe Pesci's ex-wife, Claudia Haro.  Ms. Haro was charged in Los Angeles, California with hiring a hit man to shoot her then current husband (not Mr. Pesci).   The victim was a successful Hollywood stuntman who appeared in numerous feature films, including Avatar.  While in the middle of a bitter divorce, the victim opened his front door and was shot four times, losing an eye.  The case lasted over six years with numerous trial continuances.  Prosecutors claimed that Mr. Mesereau's client hired her brother, a convicted felon and others, in two attempts to murder the ex-husband.  The brother agreed to testify against his sister.  The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office also claimed that it had two "hit notes" authored by Mr. Mesereau's client.  The case settled in the middle of jury selection.  Facing two life sentences, Ms. Haro entered into a plea bargain which required her to serve approximately eight and a half years in prison.  See article: Michael Jackson Lawyer On How He Got a Great Deal for Joe Pesci’s Ex-Wife.


Significance:   The convicted shooter received a life sentence.  Ms. Haro's brother received a life sentence.  It is highly unusual for the alleged mastermind of a conspiracy to murder to receive such a plea bargain.  It has been suggested that Mr. Mesereau's strong reputation at the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office resulted in this plea.


State Court      Acquittal      Murder


Tom Mesereau defended a murder case which ended in a jury acquittal.  He put his client on the stand to explain why he shot a gun at a witness.  The prosecution pursued a novel theory of murder.  Called "vicarious liability," the prosecutors tried to prove that Mr. Mesereau's client fired a shot at (A) and that (A) returned fire, accidentally killing the victim (B).  Prosecutors claimed that Mr. Mesereau's client was responsible for the death of (B).  (B) was a disabled individual who sat in a wheelchair.


Significance:   The prosecution hoped that a theory of "vicarious liability" would result in further prosecutions in similar circumstances.  It didn't!

State Court      Rape Investigation      No Charges Filed


Thomas Mesereau was asked to serve as California legal counsel in a rape investigation involving former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.  A woman in San Bernardino County, CA, went to authorities claiming Mr. Tyson had raped her.  Mr. Tyson had already served prison time for a prior rape conviction.  Mr. Mesereau’s team prepared an investigative report for the San Bernardino County, CA prosecutors that convinced them not to file charges against Mr. Tyson.

State Court      Plea Bargain      Attempted Murder


Mr. Mesereau represented a member of a wealthy, California family who was charged with attempted murder.  Prosecutors claimed the defendant intentionally stabbed a young man in the back.  Miraculously, the victim recovered after surgery in intensive care.  Tom Mesereau's client was facing life in prison.  Prior criminal defense counsel, a high profile Los Angeles lawyer, had encouraged the defendant to accept five years in prison as part of a plea deal.  The defendant's parents came to Mr. Mesereau hoping for a better result.  On the day of trial, Mr. Mesereau arranged a plea bargain involving no jail time and one year of house arrest.


Significance:   This is a remarkable result in a case of alleged attempted murder.

Other Sample Victories

State Court      Acquittal      Murder


Woman changed with traveling to Los Angeles County and murdering her ex-husband.  Jury acquits.

State Court     Dismissal      Assault


Billionaire charged with assaulting former Playboy Magazine centerfold girlfriend.  After one year of litigation, case dismissed.

State Court     Acquittal     Assault


Famous Hollywood director charged with assault.  Jury acquits.

State Court      Dismissal     Murder


Homicide case dismissed by judge after Mr. Mesereau's cross-examination at the preliminary hearing.

State Court      Dismissal     Rape


Mr. Mesereau was hired as lead counsel to defend a wealthy Chinese businessman charged with raping and assaulting two women.  After three years, including a sting operation into attempts to extort Mr. Mesereau's client, the case was dismissed.  Supervising prosecutor tells Mr. Mesereau that his formidable reputation in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office was a factor.

State Court      Acquittal     Rape


Mr. Mesereau successfully defended a 315 pound football player charged with raping a female student at UCLA.  Jury acquits.

State Court     Dismissal     Capital Murder


Defendant faces the death penalty in a capital murder case.  Prosecution claims Mr. Mesereau's client intentionally shot someone from behind.  On the day trial was set to start, case dismissed.  This causes newspaper editorial condemning false charges against an innocent man.  See article: Murder charge dropped.

State Court     Plea Bargain     Capital Murder


Defendant faces death penalty for charge that he is part of a criminal conspiracy to commit drug- related homicides.  On the day trial was set to start, Mr. Mesereau's client pleaded guilty to a marijuana charge and was released with time served.  See video.

State Court     Acquittal     Sexual Assault


Mr. Mesereau's client is charged with molesting a child while giving swimming lessons at the YMCA.  Jury acquits.

State Court     Acquittal     Sexual Assault


Mr. Mesereau defends firefighter/paramedic charged with sexual assaulting two women in an ambulance during a 20 hour shift.  Jury acquits.

State Court     Acquittal     Sexual Assault


Husband/ father charged with sexual assaulting daughter's sixteen year old girl friend in the home.  Jury acquits.

State Court     Acquittal     Sexual Assault


Husband/father charged with molesting a child in his garage.  Jury acquits.

State Court     Acquittal     Drive-by-Shooting


Two reputed gang members engage in a high-profile police chase by helicopter and police car after a drive-by-shooting.  Prosecutors claim that the defendant/passenger (Mr. Mesereau's client) fired numerous shots at a house.  Prosecutors also claim that the passenger in the suspect automobile threw a canister of bullets over an overpass and threw a pistol on a porch.  The bullets and pistol are introduced as evidence along with eyewitness testimony.  Jury acquits.

State Court     Acquittal     Murder


Reputed gang member, known as "Little Hit Man," charged with a drive by shooting during daylight hours at major intersection.  Prosecution calls three eyewitnesses.  Jury acquits.

Education and Background

Mr. Mesereau received his Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University, cum laude.  He earned a Master of Science from the London School of Economics, and his Juris Doctor from the University of California, Hastings College of Law.


Mr. Mesereau is a member of the Litigation Counsel of America, a Trial Lawyer Honorary Society representing approximately 3,500 fellow trial lawyers. Each year, this organization awards the “Mesereau Cup” (named after Mr. Mesereau) to the top criminal defense lawyer in the nation. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the National Trial Lawyers Association, a national organization composed of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers from each state.

He has been named one of America’s 100 Most Influential Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers Association. Also, in April 2011, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles presented Mr. Mesereau with the prestigious 2011 Fidler Institute Award for Excellence in Criminal Defense. In December, 2011, the Los Angeles Times distributed a list of the top lawyers in Southern California. Mr. Mesereau was named criminal defense lawyer of the year.


The National Association of Distinguished Counsel, a national organization of select attorneys, named Tom Mesereau among the nation's Top One Percent of attorneys.


Barbara Walters named Tom Mesereau one of the year’s “Ten Most Fascinating People,” for his trial excellence and commitment to representing the underprivileged. (See Barbara Walters Interview, Video Presentation and Barbara Walters’ Letters to Mr. Mesereau.)


Professor Laurie Levenson, a prominent legal analyst and former federal prosecutor, has called Tom Mesereau the “best cross-examiner” she has ever seen. (See Larry King interview, Video Presentation.) Beth Karas and Jami Floyd, highly regarded attorneys and long-time legal analysts for Court TV both say that Tom Mesereau is the best trial lawyer they have ever seen. (See Jami Floyd Interview, Video Presentation.) Rikki Klieman, award-winning criminal defense attorney and also a noted Court TV legal analyst, once called Mr. Mesereau “…if not the best, one of the best cross-examiners I’ve ever seen… He deserves all of the praise he gets.” Judge Lloyd M. Nash of the Los Angeles County Superior Court called Mr. Mesereau “one of the finest lawyers I have ever seen” after watching Mr. Mesereau cross-examine prosecution witnesses in the Robert Blake murder case. (See Los Angeles Times, March 27, 2003)


Tom was also named the “Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year” by the Century City Bar Association, Los Angeles, when he freed actor Robert Blake, from jail. California Lawyer Magazine awarded Tom its highest award for excellence in criminal law when he acquitted pop legend Michael Jackson of fourteen charges of alleged conspiracy and child molestation. Tom’s alma mater, the University of California’s Hastings College of Law, has named him the “Alumnus of the Year”. He has received the “Jerry Giesler Memorial Award” from the Criminal Courts Bar Association of Los Angeles . . . in recognition of his outstanding skill, perseverance and achievement in representing his clients in trial.”





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